Navignostics announces exciting developments throughout 2023

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Zurich, SwitzerlandFebruary 27th, 2023 Navignostics was very active in the first three quarters of 2023 and is delighted to announce now some of the key achievements, including the relocation of the company, the awards we received, the programs we took part of, and the new team members we had the pleasure to welcome.

The key milestone of the first half of 2023 was achieved end of June with the move of the Navignostics operations to the new premises, established in the new Life Science Hub in Horgen (Zürich area). The whole process was successfully orchestrated by NX’s COO, Andrea Jacobs. The fully functional lab, equipped with a last generation XTi Hyperion imaging system as well as the vast office area will provide the entire team with the ideal environment to work efficiently on the development of the new diagnostic tests as well as the pharma and clinical collaborations in which NX is engaged.

NX’s CEO Jana Fischer, and Business development lead Sebastian Lugert were actively working on promoting NX’s activities in Switzerland and abroad. One of the key highlights was the selection of Jana Fischer to join the Venture Leaders Biotech program in Boston. The program provided key exposure, training and connections, which represent an important foundation for NX’s US expansion. Another highlight was the participation of Jana in a podcast organized by Maend, a startup active in the tech communication world. A great audio document to learn everything about the vision of the company as well as the challenges Navignostics will likely face along the road.

Later this year, on September 6th, the top 100 Swiss startup award night took place to honor the most promising members of the Swiss startup ecosystem. Navignostics was nominated for the first time this year and directly achieved rank 47 overall as well as placed among the top 15 biotech startups.

During the whole period, Navignostics’s team grew further with the arrival of three new team members. On March 1st, Esther Danenberg joined the team as a research scientist. Esther has a Master of Science in Medical Biology and more than 25 years of experience working in biomedical research in international institutions, academic laboratories and in the life science industry. Her broad wet-lab experience and profound expertise in tissue imaging make her a perfect addition to our team. A few months later, on September 1st, Navignostics welcomed Benjamin Ehret, PhD, to the team. Benno comes from the computational neuroscience field and is a fantastic addition to the NX data science team with his in-depth image and data analysis expertise and strong background in machine learning. Finally, on October 1st, William Comar, PhD, joined the NX team as a Laboratory Manager. William brings key expertise to NX from his past work in the molecular labs at Caris Life Sciences and will support the NX diagnostic lab operations.



Navignostics is a spin-off company from the University of Zurich, founded in April 2022, which is leveraging spatial single-cell proteomics to perform advanced analyses of tumor samples. As a start–up active in the personalized medicine field, Navignostics strives to provide innovative solutions to identify the best possible treatment for each cancer patient. In addition, Navignostics provides advanced services to pharmaceutical companies to accelerate cancer drug development and to contribute to companion diagnostic development. 


Jana Fischer, Founding CEO :

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