Finding the right drug for each patient

At Navignostics, we fight cancer by enabling personalized treatments.

What we do at Navignostics

We analyze tumor samples and determine the best way to target each cancerous growth, so that clinicians can find the right therapy for each of their patients and researchers can develop new drugs.

Each tumor is unique, which is why each cancer patient needs a unique treatment plan. Navignostics helps clinicians identify the optimal therapy from a single tumor tissue section.

The success of clinical trials depends on selecting the right patient group. Navignostics supports translational research and biomarker identification and helps drug developers recognize the patients that can benefit the most from their novel treatment approach.

We combine highly multiplex protein imaging with advanced data analytics for our spatial single-cell proteomics approach, validated through over a decade of translational and clinical research.

Two members of the founding team in a meeting.

Who we are

We founded Navignostics in 2022 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich Bodenmiller Lab.
Our laboratory and headquarters are located in Horgen, Switzerland, where our growing team of scientists, lab technicians, software developers and business experts work together to solve our partners’ problems.

Our Partners and Associates

We wouldn’t be here without the support of our partners and associates.

What our partners say

While genetic diagnosis has made significant advances in the last years, protein diagnosis has not really moved forward. Navignostics is uniquely positioned to change that and to bring the analysis of cellular composition and of direct drug targets to the forefront of precision medicine.
Andreas Wicki, M.D., Ph.D., Prof., University of Zurich
The work being done by Navignostics is pivotal in the fight against cancer, addressing the need for precision medicine strategies and robust technologies that offer critical biological insights to guide treatment decisions. Our exciting collaboration supports this mission by leveraging Imaging Mass Cytometry™ to expand access to high-quality data in clinical research.
Michael Egholm, President and CEO of Standard BioTools

Interested in partnering with us?

Let’s combine clinicians’ patient expertise and researchers’ discoveries with Navignostics technologies to build a future where cancer no longer threatens quality of life.

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Two men review a presentation and review the results

Navignostics News

Find out about our latest developments and company updates.

Navignostics'CEO Jana Fischer presented the activity of the company at AACR 2024. Check out now the replay of her talk!