Finding the Right Drug
for Each Patient

Our data-driven diagnostics
strive to navigate each cancer patient
to their best treatment.
Our mission is to identify the ideal treatment to battle each cancer patient’s disease and reduce suffering throughout their journey.
At Navignostics we characterize tumors using spatial single-cell proteomics. We use our unique capabilities to identify a cancer treatment that will optimally fight each patient’s tumor. We also accelerate cancer drug development by providing key insights into drug mechanisms and tumor features for companion diagnostic development.
Our highly robust and reliable technology and our leading data analytics position us ideally to enable precision cancer diagnostics for patients and to provide services to pharma and biotech partners.
This way we help people suffering from cancer by making more drugs available and by finding the right one for every patient.

Pharma/ biotech partners

Our advanced multiplexed imaging technology and customizable algorithms will accelerate your drug development process. We can support you with benchmarking analyses, characterization of drug modes of action, retrospective clinical trial analyses, identification of patients likely to benefit from a particular drug to guide clinical trial enrollment and with development of companion diagnostics.

Clinical research partners

We leverage our unique multiplexed imaging technology and data analytics capabilities to provide you with key insights into disease and drug resistance mechanisms. We can support you in clinical research and studies and in collaborations with private partners. Our tumor analysis panels are modular and can be tailored to readouts of interest for a given indication.

Diagnostics services

In collaboration with our partners in pathology and oncology, we are developing class-leading personalized diagnostics products to help clinicians identify the best possible treatment (combination) for each patient. We have demonstrated clinical usefulness of our approach and can already provide clinicians with treatment recommendations when other diagnostics failed or to prioritize results from other diagnostics.

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About us

Navignostics AG was founded in 2022 with a clear mission: To leverage our unique tumor analysis approaches to improve personalized diagnostics for cancer patients.

Having demonstrated the clinical usefulness of our approach, we are currently developing diagnostic tests from first-line to off-label treatments for several tumor indications. In one such project, we are developing novel spatial biomarker signatures to determine the best individual first-line therapy for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. We conduct this project together with our clinical partner Prof. Andreas Wicki at the University Hospital of Zurich.

Learn more about the vision behind Navignostics by listening to the discussion between co-founder Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller and Dr. Thomas Solbach from Strategy&.

Prof. Bodenmiller explains how the strategy used by Navignostics will revolutionize healthcare and modern medicine by providing patients with personalized and individual care.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcast or on Spotify.

How we do it


Navignostics assays detect proteins that characterize tumors. They describe the tumor cells, the cancer-related processes and other present cells such as immune cells. To detect these proteins, we stain cancer tissues with panels of over 40 selected metal-labelled antibodies.


These antibodies are detected with an imaging mass cytometry system that measures the metal signals corresponding to each of the proteins of interest in a single step. The result is a high-resolution digital image representation of the molecular composition of the tumor.

Digital representation

From these images, we extract a wealth of tumor features ranging from single-cell protein expressions to cell types, to cellular interactions and assemblies. Our proprietary automated experimental and computational workflows ensure fast and best-in-class data generation and analysis.

Signature identification

Our results are highly valuable to understand drug and disease mechanisms, provide individualized drug treatment suggestions and identify novel signatures that separate patients who will likely respond to a drug from those who will not. Our flexible analyses are readily adapted to new questions.

What's up

The Latest News

Navignostics awarded Innosuisse Start-up Innovation Grant

Navignostics is delighted to announce that it has successfully applied for the Start-up Innovation Project Grant from Innosuisse to develop a spatial single-cell proteomic test to inform immunotherapy treatment decisions. Following a two-step selection process, Navignostics was awarded close to 2.4M CHF from Innosuisse. Together with the contribution from Navignostics, this grant will enable the implementation of the ~3.4M CHF project.

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Who we are

The Navignostics team

Navignostics is a spin-off from the University of Zurich, with roots in the Bodenmiller lab.
Our operations and laboratories are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr. Jana Fischer

Computational biologist, leading expert in tumor ecosystem analysis

Andrea Jacobs

Operations manager, leading expert in single-cell proteomics assay development

Dr. Stéphane Chevrier

Immuno-oncologist and leading expert in single-cell proteomics analysis

Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller

Professor for quantitative biomedicine UZH & ETHZ, director technology C3 Zurich

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Navignostics is currently located in Horgen (Zurich area).
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