Navignostics welcomes Federico Lionetti as software engineer

Zurich, Switzerland – September 1st, 2022 – Navignostics is delighted to welcome Federico Lionetti, who is joining the team as a medical device software engineer. Federico recently got his Master of Science in Medical Engineering & eHealth from the FH Technikum in Vienna and will take a lead role in the medical software development at Navignostics. 

With his academic background in healthcare processes and the design and management of biomedical technologies, Federico brings the perfect expertise to further develop the Navignostics computational pipelines and ensure compliance with the regulatory standards of the medical device industry. In addition to his experience working at the interphase between clinics and engineers, Federico is familiar with tissue engineering, cancer biology and computational biology and has extensive experience with image analysis.  

Federico is looking forward to being part of Navignostics’ endeavor: « A personalized treatment for each cancer patient is the real solution to the problem. I’m convinced that precision medicine has the potential to truly help people and I am very excited to work with Navignostics! » 

About Navignostics

Navignostics is a spin-off company from the University of Zurich, founded in April 2022, which is leveraging spatial single-cell proteomics to perform advanced analyses of tumor samples.  As a startup active in the personalized medicine field, Navignostics strives to provide innovative solutions to identify the best possible treatment for each cancer patient. In addition, Navignostics provides advanced services to pharmaceutical companies to accelerate cancer drug development and to contribute to companion diagnostic development. 


Jana Fischer, Founding CEO :

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