Enabling personalized cancer treatments

Find the right drug for your patient

Each tumor is unique, which is why each cancer patient needs a unique treatment plan. Navignostics helps clinicians identify the optimal therapy from a single tumor tissue section.

The number of targeted cancer therapies and immunotherapies grows every year. This is great progress, but it also creates a daunting task for physicians: to identify the most effective therapy for an individual patient. Standard immunohistochemistry tests require a separate tissue section per each tested marker, which becomes a problem when cancer tissue is scarce.

As a consequence, these tests are only used to recognize a small fraction of tumor features that can be targeted by drugs. On the other hand, genomic tests assess hundreds of markers, but they provide only an indirect indication of the drug targets. Currently available tests simply don’t provide enough information for the physician to take the best therapy decision for each patient. This is where Navignostics comes in.

Fast and comprehensive analysis from a single tumor section


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Most cancer treatments target certain tumor cell proteins or the interplay between tumor and immune cells. Navignostics delivers crucial details on protein features and cell interactions.

At Navignostics, we specialize in spatial single-cell proteomic tumor analysis. We measure standard formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples using highly multiplex protein imaging, which allows us to detect up to 50 proteins simultaneously, at subcellular resolution, from a single tissue section. Our automated data analysis allows us to identify the complex tumor and immune cell types and their interactions, which are key to selecting the most suitable treatment for the best patient outcome.

Optimized process for quick results

1. You send us an FFPE tissue section on a standard pathology slide through a regular mail courier.

2. We measure and analyze your patient sample with our imaging mass cytometry system.


3. You receive a comprehensive, yet clear and understandable electronic report in PDF format. 

Beating cancer with personalized care

We know we can make a difference. In more than 10 years of translational and clinical research, we have successfully and repeatedly demonstrated that our approach is exceptionally capable of explaining patients’ different reactions to treatment and their different survival outcomes. Now we use our learnings and tools to also support the research of our clinical and pharmaceutical partners and help them develop new targeted treatments.

Real change happens when we come together. Let’s combine technology, clinical research discovery and your patient expertise to build a future where cancer no longer threatens quality of life.

Why work with Navignostics?

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Improve patient outcomes with unmatched precision in tailored treatment.

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Use novel technologies as part of your clinical routine.

Make fast, informed decisions with our clear, actionable reports.

Navignostics’ highly multiplex protein imaging approach has the potential to transform precision cancer diagnostics by providing an unprecedented amount of protein information from a single tumor tissue section. This information can add an extra layer of information to data provided by conventional and molecular pathology to help visualize the microenvironmental context of cancer.

Holger Moch

Holger Moch, M.D., Prof., Director of the Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology at The University Hospital Zurich