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Navignostics: Connecting each patient with the right drug

At Navignostics, we fight cancer by enabling personalized treatments. We analyze tumor samples and determine the best way to target each cancerous growth, so that clinicians can find the right therapy and researchers can develop new drugs.

We founded Navignostics in 2022 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich Bodenmiller Lab. We combine highly multiplex tumor imaging with advanced data analytics, and we have refined and validated our technology through rigorous research in clinical settings. Our laboratory and headquarters are located in Horgen, Switzerland.

Our approach: Spatial single-cell proteomics

The number of newly developed therapies grows every year, and cancer care is becoming more and more personalized. Most cancer treatments work by targeting certain tumor cell proteins or the interplay between tumor and immune cells. This means clinicians need to know which proteins are present on which types of cells and where they are located. This information is exactly what we provide with our spatial single-cell proteomic approach. With our highly multiplex imaging technology, we can detect and visualize up to 50 proteins from just a single tumor section. Analyzing these high-resolution images with our automated computational workflows lets us quantify an exceptional amount of information from so little tumor material.

Our technology: Multiplex imaging and advanced data analytics

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Staining cancer tissue

Using just a single tumor tissue section, our assays detect dozens of proteins that characterize tumors. They allow us to identify individual cells, such as tumor and immune cells, and describe cancer-related processes. We do this by staining the tissues with panels of up to 50 selected metal-labeled antibodies.

Measuring metal signals

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Our imaging mass cytometry system detects all selected proteins in a single step through laser ablation of the tissue and time-of-flight measurement of the metal weights. The result is a high-resolution digital image representation of the molecular composition of the tumor.

Automated data analysis

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With our proprietary computational workflows, we gain a wealth of information on tumor features from these images. They range from single-cell protein expressions and cell types to cellular interactions and multicellular assemblies.

Clear and thorough report

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Finally, we generate an easily understandable yet thorough PDF report to describe disease mechanisms. The customizable report helps clinicians make individualized treatment decisions and highlights novel signatures for cancer researchers to identify patients likely to respond to a new drug.

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Our Values

Trust in quality

We deliver consistently high quality that exceeds standards and adds value for our partners and for patients.

Stay curious

We always keep an open mind and continue to learn from new research results  to provide the best cancer care.

Grow together

We foster supportive relationships where we can learn from each other to battle cancer.

Careers at Navignostics

We are growing and are often looking for new colleagues who share our values. You can find our open positions on our LinkedIn page.


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Product Development Scientist
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Co-Founder and COO (Chief Operations Officer)
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Data Scientist
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Software Engineer
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Business Development Manager
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Co-Founder and CSO (Chief Scientific Officer)
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Lab Manager

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Andreas Jenne, Ph.D.


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Roland Diggelmann


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Rohan Thakur, Ph.D.


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Bernd Bodenmiller, 
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Advisory Board

Andreas Wicki, M.D., Ph.D., Prof.

University Hospital Zürich


Holger Moch, M.D., Prof.

University Hospital Zürich


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